Woolen watercolor

No one will be surprised by a usual painting on canvas. But how fascinating is the picture painted with wool, without any paint and brush.

“Wool watercolor” technique is called so because the picture is drawn with strands of colored wool, which, overlapping each other, resemble paint strokes. Such a picture must be stored under glass.

On the one hand, to work with the technique of woolen watercolor, you need a special sense of color and patience, and on the other hand, this technique can be mastered even by children. You can create a picture out of wool, even if you are bad at drawing.

At the masterclass you will have the opportunity to enjoy the creative process and the communication with wool, because this material is extremely gentle, warm, pliable and pleasant to work with.

Painting a picture with wool is not so difficult, because there is an opportunity to correct or remake a failed canvas. So do not be afraid of mistakes, but try and achieve the desired result.

Wool watercolor masterclass is a great opportunity to express your inner self, relax, get a great charge of positive energy, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of imagination and creativity.

During the masterclass you will have the opportunity to:

• learn about the wool and how to process it;
• learn to lay out the wool;
• draw a plot plan;
• frame the picture under glass.

Such a masterclass will help children develop fine motor skills, fantasy thinking, accuracy and patience. Participants take their pictures with them to decorate their interior or make a wonderful present for friends and family.