Wooden toy

Masterclass for children and adults.

Folk toy is a branch of Ukrainian folk art that combines ceramic, wood, wicker ware, etc. We have mainly ceramic and wooden samples dating back to the 19th century: dolls, horse, horseman, bird. Most wooden toys were made in Prykarpattia, in Yavoriv. These were carts, horses, furniture.

The art of Ukrainian folk toy shows the peculiarities of the worldview and character of the people, forms the aesthetic sense and creative abilities in children. Wooden toys lend variety to children’s games, expand the scope of knowledge of the world and their country. 

A masterclass on making a wooden toy will allow participants to create not just a toy, but also a talisman for their own home.

It will also be useful for the development of fine motor skills, imagination and visual thinking in children.

During the masterclass you have the opportunity to:

• learn the history of origin and what role toys play in Ukrainian culture;
• visit a real wood-working workshop;
• learn to make traditional Ukrainian folk toys;
• get acquainted with the peculiarities of woodwork (work with tools);
• learn to paint the finished product.