Varenyky making

Varenyky (dumplings with different fillings) is one of the most traditional and delicious Ukrainian dishes. Everyone, both young and old, knows this dish. No wonder they say: “Not everyone cooks varenyky, but everyone admires them”. Varenyky can be stuffed with potatoes, cabbage, meat, cheese, and of course, with cherries. 

Today varenyky can be bought in a store or served in a restaurant, but Ukrainians know that the process of making varenyky unites the family: all the women of the family gather to knead the dough, make varenyky, and then eat together. The whole family joined them, joking and singing, having dinner at the big family table. Moreover, varenyky were also served at celebrations on the eve of Saint Andrew. In addition to the usual filling, a coin, a nut, or pepper were also put inside a varenyk, and each of them had its own symbolic meaning: wealth, a beloved one, a child, etc. Thus, dumplings could predict the future. On the second day of the wedding, bridesmaids brought the bride the dish and said: always be as full as this varenyk. In these cases, varenyky symbolized the continuation of the genus.

In the masterclass a mistress will teach you:

• the recipes for the most tender and easy dough,
• cooking methods so that the varenyky do not stick together,
• how to make the filling and assess its amount so that the varenyky are lush,
• how to prepare dressings to jazz up the dish. Hopefully no one will have to learn how to eat varenyky, because we have not yet met a person who would be half-hearted about them!