Straw weaving

Have you ever done any arts and crafts from straw? It’s worth a try! We hold masterclasses on straw weaving, which is one of the oldest crafts. The manufacture of various straw consumer goods, and then artistic and decorative products dates back to the time of human development of agriculture. Ukrainian fertile lands contributed to the development of this craft in Ukraine. Baskets, hats, carpets, footwear, and also barrels for grain storage were made of straw. By the way, such straw barrels are presented in our museum and given to us from the native lands of Ukrainian poet, Pavlo Tychyna, from the village of Pisky of the Chernihiv region. Straw was also used to create ceremonial ornaments.

During the masterclass, a master weaver will teach you how to make a goldish angel or bird, turning ordinary rye straw tubes into a brilliant miracle and sharing his or her knowledge of shaping techniques. You will see that straw is a very flexible and durable material, as well as learn about the process of collecting straw and its processing.