We offer you a unique opportunity to learn pottery, one of the oldest traditional crafts.

Ukrainian word “gonchar” (potter) means the one who enchants “gorna” (the furnace). A true master magician will help you to turn a lump of soft clay into a real masterpiece. Your hands will bring your idea into life: whether it’s a jug or a makitra, or maybe a cup or vase for a beautiful flower. In a short period of time you can make a product that you will save or give to a loved one, and the memory of these pleasant moments of creative work will remain with you for a long time.

Pottery masterclass will be an exciting part of the school tour, wedding celebration or corporate special event. Or maybe you are looking for an original gift for a loved one and don’t want to be like everyone else? Bring her a miracle – a masterclass on pottery!

Pottery masterclass is held in the fresh air in the museum pottery center among old huts from Polissya and Myrhorod region, and in winter the masterclass is held in a warm room.