Motanka doll making

Can you make a doll? Such a doll that children used to play with, that the girl kept until the wedding, a doll that was used as a talisman? No? Then you have the opportunity to learn to make it.

Dollmaker will teach you how to make a knotted motanka doll and tell all the ancient Ukrainian secrets about it, its history and symbolism, rites and customs. Dolls are made of fabric scraps and yarn.

First we make a ball, put it in a cloth, tie with thread. This is how the head is formed, then it is decorated with “ochipok” (a cap), a handkerchief (as in a young woman), a ribbon (as in a girl), and even braids can be spun. Then there is a shirt, sleeves and corset made, a skirt or a plakhta tied on the belt, and now we have a doll. While making the dolls, you will learn why the face was not depicted, why and how the doll was used ritually. What doll will you get? With what character and stature, cheerful or upset? Will your doll be with a child or a housewife doll?

Men and boys! Don’t think that a doll is a girl thing. The boys sometimes played with dolls themselves. Try it yourself, so you can then teach your little daughter or give to a loved one.

After the masterclass, participants take their motanka dolls with them.