Glass painting

Folk painting on glass spread in Western Ukraine since the second half of the 19th century.

Glass painting is one of the ancient folk crafts, based on the rich artistic traditions of past centuries. Aesthetic sense of the nation and understanding of the phenomena of the surrounding world were reflected in glass painting traditions.

This technique has its roots in Byzantium and Rome and has a long-standing tradition in both professional and folk art.

In Central Europe, the development of this type of painting dates back to the 17-18 centuries. In Ukraine, painting on glass spread in the 19th century mainly in the Western regions, in particular, in Bukovyna, Galicia, the Hutsul region, and Transcarpathia.

In Ukraine, painting on glass had two directions: secular and religious.

A masterclass on glass painting will allow you not only feel like an artist, but also like a creator with a specific cinematic sense, because the peculiarity of the technique is that the picture is drawn on one side, but should be viewed from the other.

For children, such a masterclass will be useful because it ensures the development of imagination, fantasy, visual thinking, as well as stimulates interest in creating their own works.

During the masterclass you have the opportunity to: 

• get acquainted with the history and special aspects of glass painting in Ukraine;
• learn to create sketches for your works, taking into account the peculiarities of this technique;
• transfer the image to the glass;
• do a painting using this technique;
• create the perfect framing for your artwork.

Participants take their paintings with them to decorate their interior or make a wonderful present for friends and family.