Folk amulet

For a long time, our ancestors believed in the power of amulets. They believed that their home should be protected from adversity, evil spirits, the evil eye. Since our ancestors have always been farmers, they turned for help to everything that was born by the Mother Earth.

Ancient Slavic beliefs were so ingrained in the traditions and way of life of the Ukrainian people that even with the advent of Christianity, they did not disappear, but succinctly fit into Christian culture.

Although we have long since departed from pagan beliefs, the symbolic meaning of the amulet is closely connected with Ukrainian life and is an integral part of our culture.

Everyone knows the symbolic meaning of many plants, which we use today:

• everlasting flower – a symbol of longevity;
• walnut, medicinal herbs – a symbol of good health;
• cereals, beans – a symbol of prosperity, satiety;
• ears of rye and oats – charms of beauty;
• corn – a symbol of child health;
• peas, beans – a symbol of prosperity;
• buckwheat – a symbol of warmth of marriage, protects against betrayal;
• millet – a symbol of wealth;
• poppy – protects against malicious gossips;
• pumpkin seeds – a symbol of fertility;
• sunflower seeds – a symbol of the sun, cheerfulness, family happiness;
• pepper – a symbol of men’s health;
• flax – maternal love and loyalty;
• garlic, salt dough products – wards off bad luck.

More modern amulets are objects made by human hands with a purpose in everyday life:

• towel – brings a person and his/her ancestors together;
• broom, turned upside down – wards off evil spirits;
• bast shoes – home comfort, family happiness;
• spatula or painted spoon – a symbol of prosperity and hospitality;
• horseshoe – a symbol of happiness.

A horseshoe is considered both an object that scares away evil spirits and a symbol of happiness depending on how you hang it. If the horseshoe is installed with the horns down it is believed to keep evil spirits out of the house. If the horseshoe is hung with horns up it will keep the house full of good fortune and prosperity.

The amulet “horseshoe with cereals” is a perfect example of combining two amulets into one.

The horseshoe made during the masterclass will bring happiness to your house, and in addition you will fill it with the symbols you want.

Preserve the amulet and continue the millennial traditions of our ancestors.