Clay modelling

Would you like to feel yourself a creator? You know surely that according to the legends of many peoples of the world the God created the human of the very clay.

Just imagine that using the warmth of your hands, an ordinary grey amorphous piece of clay will sing various songs in the form of birds after about fifteen minutes of tailor. These can be sparrow, goose, cock, or a dog, cat and other real and fantastic animals, whatever you could imagine. You will be able to penetrate into small secretes, using which even a piece of clay will sing! Even to decorate you articles in a simple and exquisite manner.

The clay modelling develops children’s and adults’ fine motor skills, stimulates the outburst of various creative fantasies! And while modelling the whistlers, you will get a bonus in the form of a tool for training the lunges of your children and cultivating the nervous system for the adults!

Each trainee at the masterclass models various figures from clay and makes their own whistler-birds and takes them away (without burning them in the furnace).