Cossack kulish

A real Cossack kulish (pottage), cooked in a cauldron on open fire with smoke and served with pork cracklings, leaves no Ukrainian indifferent.

By taking part in a masterclass on cooking a delicious kulish outdoors, you will learn once for all to cook Cossack pottage as it was cooked by free Ukrainian Cossacks. Sitting round the fire, each of the participants will be responsible for his or her own area of ​​work: peeling onions, chopping salo, stirring the kulish with a wooden pestle for the dish not to burn. Then all together you will taste the dish with pork cracklings. Only this masterclass will allow you acquire a new skill, and stay full. As a souvenir, we will share with you the recipe of our kulish, and it will be useful for everyone who loves to travel, cooks deliciously on the fire and otherwise.