Cereal painting

Everyone wants to decorate their interior with something unusual, beautiful and exclusive.

Such a decoration can be a picture made of an unusual but accessible material, namely cereals and seeds. There are no restrictions in the materials for true creativity. With the addition of a little inspiration and imagination, the most ordinary cereal turns into an original picture with an unusual texture.

Even children will enjoy cereals as working material. In addition, such activity will be extremely useful for them, as it develops fine motor skills and attention.

But if you think that cereal painting is only for children, you are very wrong! The pictures vary greatly in the complexity of their plots. And yet, adults can show their imagination and creativity in the selection of cereals and the overall appearance of the painting.

So, this masterclass will be entertaining for both children and adults, both beginners and real craftsmen.

In the masterclass you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the technique of coloring cereals and learn to:

• draw a plot plan and transfer it to the base;
• create different types of contours;
• fill in the picture;
• decorate the finished article.

Feel like a craftsman and a designer at the same time!