Candle making

The candle accompanied human along their whole life, and although common people could not afford illumination of their dwellings using candles due to high cost of wax but, nevertheless, a candle was present at any feast, ceremony, important and difficult moments in everone’s life. These articles were important in the wedding rite, on the Christmas Eve and on the Easter Day. When somebody started a long trip, they were given a candle to take with them. No liturgy was held in the temple without candles. In autumn, there is a special feast – Wedding of the Candle.

Each ceremonial candle had its own name: thunder candle, holy or trinity candle, Twelfthtide, wedding and other candles.

The image of candle symbolized sunshine and God’s repast during old times, which bring life giving force to the Earth and human.

The candle-making held quite important place in everyday life of people during old times. The candles were considered possible to be made by the most respectable people. The solemnity, with which they proceeded to work, was conveyed to other members of the family too: agitation prevailed at home, any domesticities were suspended and all women and children came to help.

Thus we offer you to join the old traditions and try to make your own candle from empty honeycomb. The candle made and creatively decorated with your own hands will be a very good souvenir or ingenious present combining the charms of the Ukrainian traditions, warmth of your palms and unforgettable flavour of honey. Your candle will always bring ecumenical warmth to you and your folks and inexhaustible creative energy!