Bell painting

People have long believed that the bell can cleanse and harmonize people and the space around. Just listen to the melodic bell sounds. At least one bell should definitely be in every home. Just imagine that you decorate the bell with your own hands! During our master class you will be able to create not only a wonderful decoration for your house, but also a touching present for your dearest. We will decorate ceramic bells with the traditional ornaments of different Ukrainian regions, which are the famous pottery centers of the country, in particular Opishnya, Kosovo, Yavoriv. Each place is famous for its original colors, unique ornaments and pattern composition. During the masterclass you will solve little secrets of ornaments, that may seem so complicated at first glance. Then just make sure to release your hold on the brush in time, so that your whole house does not accidentally turn into a work of art!

Let’s discover the full depth of Ukrainian culture, which consists of thousands of different attractions, one of which will be the painting of bells with traditional ornaments!