Baking masterclass

A baking masterclass will be of particular interest to children and women. We offer you a masterclass on baking stuffed buns or dough birds in the form of lark.

Larks baking

Dough lark is a symbol of the arrival of Spring, renewal of nature, fertility and prosperity. The children tossed them high into the sky, strung them on a cherry branch, running through the fields and hills and calling the birds from the vortex. After that, the pastries were either eaten or hung on twigs to feed the birds. They could also be kept behind icons since considered to be healing. A person who felt sick was given a piece of that dough lark, after what the person immediately recovered.

The process of making larks is very interesting and exciting, because in your hands a piece of dough turns into a little bird, which definitely brings spring joy to the hearts of both adults and children. So we invite you to join this incredible fairy tale and make your own miracle birds, so that Spring will always bloom in your home and soul.

Bun baking

For gourmets, we have a masterclass on baking buns with a variety of fillings: potatoes, cheese, cabbage and others. The bakeress will share with you her secrets of making fluffy and delicious dough.

We accept individual orders for masterclasses on baking dough products (stuffed buns and spring larks) for school and excursion groups, for guests to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other family or corporate events.